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Anger is in fact a kind of excitement
Anger is in fact a kind of excitement, when the child has a low mood to compensate for the feeling of diminished emotion. The child's brain gives the child the command, for this reason, he has to deal with emotional issues like violent movements, in fact, by doing this The child's body develops in the child's body, and the child experiences a kind of pleasure. The parent's anger is unreasonable, but for the child, only an emotion is important. Parents can respond appropriately to good behaviors A child and childbirth have a difference in how badly a child behaves The child's behavior can not be controlled with the use of banned techniques.
 The most important point in controlling child anger is self-awareness, which can be either physical or mental self-awareness. In fact, you should be taught the child to understand what changes in his / her life when he is angry with him. For example, (anxiety and heart attack, or severe hot flashes, etc.), for example, use of the mirror technique (when it comes to anger of a mirror in front of your face), when it gets angry, it's all about your body, because in this way the whole concentration He can be transferred from one to another and can control it as he is informed of his apparent changes. We can also play a few games with him to raise the child's bearing, for example, let's put the ice on the child and count for him. To find out how much he can and does not stop, as well as his bearing on keeping the ice in his hands It is also possible to control the stiffness while confronting others. Another way is to develop the emotional intelligence of the child. Emotional intelligence means the ability to understand the expression of one's feelings and others in a particular condition, that is, a child during his anger rather than the opposite, and this subject is considered in his own mind. Manages their possible moves. These techniques will enable the child to manage and control difficult situations while in conflict with others. continues


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